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Our elected officials need to hear from us. Let’s remind them how important the fields of Pier 40 are to us, and most importantly our kids.

Please join us in signing the Save Pier 40 Petition supporting the air rights funding of $100 million to save Pier 40 by completing the form below. We encourage you to edit our letter and personify it with a personal note.

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Thank you for being a Pier 40 Champion.

Save our fields!

Where will the children play?


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    22 Responses to Save Pier 40 Petition

    1. Pier40 is a safe, active and healthy place for our kids to play. Over 2,000 kids play soccer at DUSC on fields at pier40 every year, learning invaluable life lessons through sport. #morefieldsnotless

    2. Growing up in Brooklyn in the ’70 the parks and ball fields were not in good shape, but they were fairly abundant. As student athlete at Manhattan’s Xavier HS in the ’80 not only were the fields poor they were nearly non existent….our practices for both football and rugby felt like “away games” with the traveling we had to do.

      We did not have Pier 40 then and it would be a disservice to the residents of Manhattan and all of NYC to lose it now.

      Open spaces are needed for both youth and adults…the benefits are incalculable.

    3. My son goes to Xavier High School . The boys use the field at Pier 40. Please preserve the field for them as well as the thousands of others that benefit from the use of this field.

    4. I urge our officials to fight for the Pier 40 fields. Thousands of new homes have been built along the West side of Manhattan from the 70′s to the Battery with no increase in fields. Pier 40 is an essential space utilized by students and teams from all over the city. My son went to Xavier HS and played on the pier 40 fields, which were not in good condition, but it was the only space the Rugby and other teams had access to in NYC. Building yet another high-rise building for luxury apartments and office space is a travesty. Please save Pier 40!

    5. John Murray, DMD Xavier '67

      As an Alum and former football player from Xavier High School Class of 1967 I am in full support of this petition! Through the years Xavier Football has had to scramble from field to field in an attempt to find a place to practice while at the same time always fielding a very competitive team! In my day it was East River Park and later the poor fields at Red Hook! Please save Pier 40! Xavier and many other teams and groups desperately need the facility!

    6. As a single mother, PIER 40 was a life saver for me in many ways. My son was born and raised in the Tribeca neighborhood and for him as a little boy until he was a teen going to PIER 40 meant everything to him! He learned the skills to be a great baseball player; he learned about sportsmanship; he was provided with guidance and support from great coaches and I was able to be at work, knowing he was safe. Please do the right thing!

    7. My son goes to Xavier High School and Xavier deperately needs the fields on Pier 40. Please do the right thing! Philip Gerena

    8. Pier 40 is absolutely essential for the youth of NYC. Countless children use the pier daily for their athletic activities. Please recognize the value of this precious space and do everything possible to preserve and protect it.

    9. Please save Pier 40 the kids need to be able to play
      Sign the petition

    10. It is imperative that Xavier students
      continue to have access to Pier 40.
      They are members of the Community and have been for years.

    11. My son goes to Xavier High School and Xavier deperately needs the fields on Pier 40. Please do the right thing!

      Nancy Holland

    12. Our children are truly our future. Lets not forget them in name of commercial progress. Without them, there is no future, and no need for further development. Lets build their future.

    13. This field is used by thousands of kids… It would be a shame to take it away from them!!


      My son was born and raised in Tribeca. He has played with his friends or teams the baseball and football past 9 years. He will be in college next year, but we need Pier 40 for all of our children’s future in downtown, NYC. Thank you very much.

    15. We have lived in the neighborhood for more than 25 years. Our 3 sons ranging in age from 14 to 23 have spent a huge amount of their lives playing sports at Pier 40. It has been invaluable to our family, our friends families, local schools and teams. There is always a struggle to find time slots for teams to play in NYC as there are not enough fields. We need more playing fields not less.

    16. Please save this field. We have so little athletic space for the kids in NYC as it is. The facility is used to capacity every afternoon, evening and on weekends. It is desperately important to the quality of family life and youth in the city.

    17. We have been playing on Pier 40 since my boys were 4 and 5 they are now 14 and 15, and working on a scholarship to play soccer

    18. Pie 40 is a vital resource for the Village.

    19. Gillian Horovitz

      It is absolutely essential to preserve the ball fields at Pier 40

    20. Please save the Pier 40 fields. Everyone enjoys the use of the fields, in particular our youngest denizens and budding athletes. We all need the green!

    21. Please!
      Let us keep our pier 40.
      It’s a place where health is well kept!!!

    22. Gregory J. Cresci

      Thanks for mobilizing… and let’s save Pier 40 !

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