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New York Times reports today on the way forward for Pier 40.

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Curbed – At a Pier 40 Forum, One Plan Emerges as the Public Favorite

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The Wall Street Journal reported today that the “adaptive re-use” plan for Pier 40 depends on inflated income assumptions for retail and office space. Mr. Durst claims he stands on his record. On the other hand, if a high risk project scope chases other developers away from bidding when a request for proposals is issued, who does it serve when it’s time to negotiate a lease? Definitely not the Trust.

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HRPT Pier 40 – Tishman Study

This study from 2012 reviews the potential income and likely impacts of various possible commercial uses at Pier 40.  Compared to other uses, projects that include residential use will generate more income on a small footprint with less non-park related vehicular and pedestrian traffic than other uses.

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A new vision for Pier 40 and for a truly public park

Pier 40 Champion’s Tobi Bergman provides his perspective in this week’s The Villager Talking Point.  Tobi retells his introduction to youth sports in the area and why a common sense approach is needed.

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