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March for Pier 40

PLAY IT FORWARD!  March for Pier 40!

Greenwich Village Little League Opening Day.

Saturday, April 6th, 9 AM at Christopher Street Pier.

We can’t pay back the debt we owe to all the volunteers who worked hard to get the fields built at Pier 40 and made our community a better place.  But you can Pay It Forward by joining us to Save Pier 40 on April 6th.

So you are a teenager and you think Little League Opening Day is kid’s stuff?  Not this year!  This one is serious fun.  This one is an important place to be.  If you want to make a difference, Come March for Pier 40 on Saturday, April 6th.  Meet us at the Christopher Street Pier at 9 AM.

Imagine the power you have and use the power of your imagination!  Think of the headline:
          Today’s Youth March to Save Pier 40 for Kids of Tomorrow.

You can’t play back your years of fun on the fields, but you can “Play It Forward” by helping to save Pier 40 and using your power so the next generations have what you have.

Please come out on GVLL Opening Day 2013 to March For Pier 40 to help make sure Pier 40 is there for the kids coming up now.

It’s simple: Just join us at the March for Pier 40 on Saturday, April 6th.

Use your media skills to get a big win for your community.  Play it forward!  Get out a crowd.  Make your parents come too!

 Instagram from Pier 40 now and on April 6th: #Pier40Champions



New York Times reports today on the way forward for Pier 40.

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DNAinfo, 3/1/13 – Pier 40 Development Forum Stirs Park Space Passions

Special “Shout out” to our friends at Zum Schneider FC’03, who showed up in force at the Pier 40 Forum. Your attendance and applause was greatly appreciated.

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Curbed – At a Pier 40 Forum, One Plan Emerges as the Public Favorite

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The Wall Street Journal reported today that the “adaptive re-use” plan for Pier 40 depends on inflated income assumptions for retail and office space. Mr. Durst claims he stands on his record. On the other hand, if a high risk project scope chases other developers away from bidding when a request for proposals is issued, who does it serve when it’s time to negotiate a lease? Definitely not the Trust.

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CB2 Pier 40 Forum Summary and Comments

We want to thank everyone for attending, and express our appreciation for Tobi’s efforts dealing with tonight’s technical challenges.

We will be posting our summary of tonight’s CB2 Pier 40 Forum as soon as we can.

Feel free to leave your comments.

CB2 Forum Sign In

Dear Friend of Pier 40,
Thank you for coming! We are very sorry that some of you didn’t get in.
The overflow crowd is an indication of how important Pier 40 is to the future of our community.

Let us know that you got there.

HRPT Pier 40 – Tishman Study

This study from 2012 reviews the potential income and likely impacts of various possible commercial uses at Pier 40.  Compared to other uses, projects that include residential use will generate more income on a small footprint with less non-park related vehicular and pedestrian traffic than other uses.

Click here to view the study.

View Our Plan

Pier 40 Champions release the slideshow that provides the background for our new vision of what Pier 40 could be.

Champions Slideshow