We love Pier 40, use it every day, and know that you do too!

It is up to us to:


What is happening now? 

There is a proposal to sell one third of Pier 40’s air rights which, if approved, would generate funds to do vital repair work to Pier 40. Learn more about the proposal here.

What can I do?

We need to reach out to our elected officials to let them know we care about Pier 40.  That we support the air rights transfer, but want GUARANTEES that the ball fields will remain on the ground floor (to be stipulated in the eventual RFP to develop Pier 40 after the $100 million is used to reinforce the pilings), will stay open during renovations, and that the fields will never be privatized by the eventual developer. Sign our petition here.

Who are the Pier 40 Champions?

Pier 40 Champions is an initiative created by youth sports organizations that use Pier 40.  We are volunteers that care about the health of our children and open space for them to grow in.  Watch our video.

What are the goals of the Pier 40 Champions? 

To sustain Pier 40 and grow athletic field space.

What is your position on the air rights transfer involving Pier 40? 

We will support the transfer of air rights IF the final proposal supports the goals of Pier 40 Champions.

Have more questions?  Check out our FAQ.

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Be a champion of Pier 40 and spread the word.